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No Thrills Dating

No Thrills Dating is here to provide simple, concise ways to date: unique and exciting dating ideas without the frills to suit any occasion. Whether you’re new to dating or already in a relationship, No Thrills Dating can bring excitement and simplicity to your dating life.

The COVID-19 pandemic made us realise as a couple that relationships don’t always have to be about going on holiday or eating out (even though that part of dating is also fun!). 

There are other ways to date and build a relationship to make life just as exciting. 

And that’s where No Thrills Dating was born.

Why do we care?

Life can be confusing and stressful but dating shouldn’t be.

There are social norms which dictate how and what dating should be like, which adds to the pressure of daily life.  

According to a study mentioned by Her Magazine it takes on average 7-8 relationships in order for someone to find “the one”.

What does that journey look like for someone to find “the one”? According to the blog post this means in your lifetime you will encounter:

Number of relationships78
Disaster dates44
Blind dates23
Stood up on a date12
Online dates23
Number of kisses1516
Sexual partner710
One night stands46
Relationships (year or less)34
Relationships (year or more)22
Partners lived with11

Thank our lucky stars neither of us went through this many relationships, disaster dates and heart breaks.

To be honest, this is the only serious, long term relationship we’ve both been in. Neither of us are dating proficienados yet we’re both happy in each other’s company. 

Our aim is to be able to share with you our thoughts, feelings and adventures, in the hope to inspire people to know that they’re not alone and that everyone deserves to have a long-lasting relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How did we meet?
Answer:  Dating App called Coffee Meets Bagel

Question:  Who made the first move?
Answer:  Dom

Question:  Who lied about their height on their dating profile?
Answer:  Paco

Question:  How long have we been dating?
Answer:  Since the 9th September, 2017

Question:  What was our first date?
Answer:  Karaoke and dinner

Question:  What are our top 3 favourite cuisines?
Answer:   Korean, Japanese and Indian

Question:  What was the first movie we watched together?
Answer:  Black Panther

Question:  Our perfect date night?
Answer:  Indoors  (snacks, food, massage, movies and games)

Question:  First TV series watched together? 
Answer:   The Good Life

Question:  Where was our first holiday?
Answer:  Lisbon, Portugal

Question:  Why do we not show our real faces but use cartoons to cover up?
Answer:    In an ever complicated and non private world, we want to try and keep our faces anonymous, however rest assured our stories and feelings are 100% true. 

We hope you enjoy and continue to support our blog!
No Thrills Dating