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10 Easy Game Ideas for Couples

When you first go on dates, you are likely to go out more or spend money on dinners, the theatre, cinema or doing an activity. But as you move further into the relationship, mixing it up with nights in will help deepen the relationship and also help the bank balance.

It can be a struggle to find something to do indoors together that is simple, yet fun or allow you to get to know each other.

So why not try some of these game ideas listed below as a starter for ten?

Some of these will even be fun whilst in the car travelling or in the park chilling. Enjoy!

1. Memory Art

Bring out the artistic flair in you whilst taking a trip down memory lane.

Choose an experience, for example:

  • A holiday you’ve been on together
  • A recent wedding you’ve been to

At the same time, both draw/paint a picture of a memory from that experience. Then discuss what you’ve drawn and reminisce together.

2. Never Have I Ever

Take it in turns to ask a ‘Never have I ever’ phrase.

For example:

  • Never have I ever been skydiving
  • Never have I ever ghosted someone

If you’ve done it, you have to take the forfeit. The forfeit is decided together beforehand, but usually it would be to take a shot of your drink each time.

When thinking of a ‘Never have I ever’ phrase, try to choose something that your partner has done but you haven’t, so that your partner takes more of the forfeits than you.

3. Charades

Put a list of random words (movies, songs, books etc.) into a hat (or any container!). Take it in turns to act out/ describe the word. Your partner has to guess what it is.

This can also expand into memories that you’ve had together or countries that you’ve travelled to together.

And if you’re really competitive, add a timed element to it!

4. Card Games

Firstly, invest in a deck of cards as this would be useful for many occasions to come! Play games such as Speed, Beggar My Neighbour, Go Fish, or even the classic Snap. Check out Bar Games 101 for more ideas on 2 player card games.

5. Board Games

Find out what your favourite board games are. If you’re unsure, why not visit a board games café, such as Draughts in London, Slice and Dice in Norwich. There are many across the UK, where you can try out a range of board games without committing to a purchase. And once you’ve found the one, you can buy one to play at home to your heart’s content.

Dobble, Shaboom, Uno, Scrabble, Codenames Duet are just a few 2 player board games that might be fun to get your hands on!

6. Would You Rather

Take it in turns to ask a ‘Would You Rather’ between 2 things.

For example:

  • Would you rather go camping or stay in a 5* hotel?
  • Would you rather eat 10 pizzas or drink 30 cokes?

This is great to get to know each other and start interesting conversations about your past experiences and your preferences. You can also be very creative about what you ask each other. Remember, there are no boundaries in this game!

7. Name That Tune

Find a random music playlist on your favourite music platform. Start playing each song and the first to guess what the song is wins! Add in a punishment for the loser to make it more interesting.

8. 2 Lies 1 Truth

List out 3 sentences, 2 of which are lies and one of which is true. Your partner then has to guess which is the truth. This is especially fun when you’re new into your relationship, as you can learn a lot about the other person and it’s much easier to lie than if you’ve been together for so long.

9. Truth or Dare

Find out things that you wouldn’t ask on a day to day basis to get to know them and also see how daring they can be!

10. Top 5

Discuss what your ‘top 5’ would be for topics of your choice.

For example:

  • Top 5 restaurants to go to for life
  • Top 5 holiday destinations
  • Top 5 pizza toppings

This is a great way to get to know each other and act as fun conversation starters.

Hopefully these ideas can spark more creativity and make time together as a couple more exciting!

For more cheap and cheerful date ideas for indoors and out, check out 22 Cheap/Free First Date Ideas.


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