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Reuniting After A Long Distance Relationship

After a long time away from each other, being back together will be an exciting time! But it can also be a strange time as it has been so long since you’ve been in the same place together. 

Don’t be surprised even if it feels awkward!

Some things may feel different the first time you see your other half again. And that’s ok. Having only seen them over video call for 1 month, 2 months, a year, it isn’t going to be a case of just picking up where you left off.

Research on ‘When long-distance dating partners become geographically close’ has found that:

“Among reunited relationships, one-third terminate within 3 months of reunion.”

Seeing your other half again after being long distance can impact your relationship. But being prepared for your reunion can help you both blossom together.

Paco and I were torn apart as a result of the lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, only to be reunited after 5 months. It was strange to see him at first because he looked different from what I had envisaged over months of video calls. But it quickly became natural again and it was lovely to be able to just do the basic things like hugging and holding hands.

What to expect from a reunion after a long-distance relationship?

Things may have changed since you last saw each other, so it’s good to have realistic expectations. A few things that may be different:

  1. They have changed their appearance. Seeing someone in person isn’t the same as over video call. So whatever you imagined them to look like may not be the same in real life.
  2. You’re used to your independence. Being with someone all of a sudden, you may miss your alone time. Or not being used to someone being there, be it cooking together or your other half taking the bins out for you.
  3. Your own space. It might mean you’d need to talk about this with your partner so that you have enough time to do what you usually do. There might be an expectation to spend all the time together after being apart for so long but it’s important to maintain what made you happy when apart.
  4. You have both changed. Even though you video call, your needs in a relationship may have changed. You may have had experiences during time apart, related or unrelated to your relationship, that could change the way you interact with your partner.

Being reunited again with your other half might even be an opportunity to start again, ready for an even better relationship than it was before. It could even spark all the good in a relationship as being apart has meant that you’ve missed them more and appreciate being with them.

How to reunite after a long-distance relationship?

  1. Allow time to get to know each other again. Even if it means staying up til the early hours chatting away!
  2. Spend quality time together away from the screen. Stare into each other’s eyes and remember all the lovely qualities and reasons why you fell in love with them.
  3. Do the small things together. Catch up on the simple everyday activities that you’ve missed out on when you were apart. For example cooking together.
  4. Create new memories together. Try a new activity together or book yourself a special date night activity. Explore some cheap/free date ideas.
  5. Do lovely things for your other half. Acts of kindness / acts of love! Reuniting might be hard at first so every little thing that makes them remember why they miss you can help a relationship. Make them a cup of tea or proactively wash up after dinner.

The most important thing is to communicate with each other about how you feel. You may feel like you’re starting all over again. You may feel anxious about how long this new honeymoon happy period will last. But all this can be a great thing for a relationship. It shows you care. So show your partner that you care!

Why not try some cute date ideas to re-spark the relationship?

Have you faced any issues when reuniting with your partner after a long time apart? 

We’d love to hear how you got through it!


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