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12 Types Of Cute Date Ideas For Couples

Sometimes dates can be the same old same old. Maybe your date night is always going out for a meal followed by a visit to the dessert shop or a drink at the bar. Maybe your dates are spending time going shopping together or watching a movie.

Those are lovely ways to connect, but why not make your dates a little more exciting and a bit more memorable?

Here are 12 types of cute date ideas for couples looking for different ways to connect:

  1. Go Artsy
  • Make a photo album or scrapbook together
  • Make a video together
  • Design your own couples tee
  • Photoshoot around the city
  • Life drawing of each other
  1. Go Outdoors 
  • Plan a treasure hunt
  • Pick berries together
  • Have a picnic
  • Go to a farm
  1. Try Someplace New
  • Try a new restaurant or coffee shop
  • Walk and wander a new area
  • Go to a new supermarket for food shopping (yes that can be exciting too)
  1. Bond – Get To Know Each Other
  • Show each other photos of when you were younger
  • 20 questions – ask each other a list of questions to get to know each other deeper
  1. Take A Class Together 
  • Dance class
  • Exercise class
  • Any other hobbies you might share or want to try together
  1. Cook Together
  • Cooking competition
  • Decorate cupcakes together
  • Make pizza
  1. Let Loose And Have Some Fun
  • Karaoke
  • Go to an arcade
  • Become kids again – maybe play on the swings at your local park
  1. Play Some Games At Home
  • Puzzle together
  • Board games night
  • Console games
  1. Couples Challenges
  • £10 food date challenge – see who can find the best foodie gem with only a tenner to spend
  • Who can eat the spiciest noodles – any spice challenge can be fun, but make sure you have a cup of milk at the ready
  1. Reminisce
  • Redo your first date – go to the same places that you went to when you first met each other
  • Relive a holiday – think about the good times you had on your trip abroad together. Perhaps have an evening themed around that country/culture
  • Look through your media gallery – take over a 1000 pics during your last holiday? Take the step back to review and remember the feelings
  1. Get Romantic
  • Write each other love letters or a poem
  • Spa night with massage oils
  • Stargazing in the back garden
  1. Future Planning
  • Write a couple’s bucket list
  • Search for a pet
  • Plan for your future wedding

Hopefully those ideas have given you some inspiration for your next dating adventure. Remember, a cute date doesn’t have to be an expensive one. It’s about getting creative and experiencing something different together. 

Do reach out if you have any other cute date ideas to inspire us too!


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