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14 Things to Say / Do on Your First Date (with GIFs)

When starting a new relationship, nothing quite beats the anticipation and thrill of that first date.

Research from Science Direct (2006),  conducted with 142 females and 63 males, found that when guys initiated a conversation with cheesy chat-up lines they were generally not well received.  Whereas those revealing traits such as helpfulness, generosity and culture were more engaging and thus performed better.

You might be nervous for your first date, and that is completely fine. Feel free to even break the ice with that to your date, as they might be feeling the exact same way.   

To help you along the way though here are 14 GIFs to support you on your first date as pictures paint a 1000 words. 

  • Be on Time: “If running late – let them know ASAP” , “Sorry I’m late” , “Apologies, delays with the tube”
Be on time with your date
Flowers on a first date? Bit too much? Your thoughts?
  • Manners are Important: “Opening the Door” , “Please” , “Thank You” , “I’m sorry to hear that”
manners when dating
Chivalry isn’t dead
  • Compliment Your Date:  “You look good” , “You look lovely” , “That’s adorable” , “That’s really thoughtful, thank you”
compliment your date
Compliment’s are good, but don’t go over the top
  • Let’s Be Honest:  “I’m really nervous” , “This is my first date in years” , “I don’t know what to say”
be honest with your date
If you’re comfortable, be open with your date
  • What Do You Do:  “What you up to currently” , “What’s your job like”
what do you do for a living
Simple yet effective way to discover more about your date
  • Allergies:  “Are you allergic to any types of food” , “Just to let you know I don’t eat seafood”
do you have any allergies?
Try to show genuine interest to understand your date
  • Reciprocate:  “I know that feeling” , “I completely understand” , “I’m with you”
agree and show interest in your date
  • Tell Stories:  “This one time in band camp” , “I used to go visit my grandma in Scotland every summer” , “We used to play this game as kids”
childhood stories - first date questions
Try to keep first date stories PG (if it feels right)
  • Cooking: “I make a mean Sunday Roast” , “I really like baking” , “I burnt bacon once in a microwave”
do you cook?  first date questions
  • My Family:  “Chicken nuggets is like my family” ,  “I have quite a big family” , “I love going away with siblings on holiday”
my family are like chicken nuggets
Do you feel the same way with your family about chicken nuggets?
  • Travelling:   “I’m going to Thailand next month”  ,  “I love hikes in the winter”  ,  “My friend is getting married in Italy next week”
travelling date
  • Party Tricks:  “I can lick my elbows” , “I can solve a Rubik’s cube in 1 minute” , “I can sleep with my eyes open”
party trick - yay
Who doesn’t enjoy a quick party trick?
  • The Future:   “I’ll be honest, I am looking to settle down” ,  “I see myself with a family in the future”  ,  “I want to travel before settling down”
what are you looking for in the future
Probably a bit too extreme to say on a first date…. but hope you get the jist..
  • Maybe Next Time:  “Thank you for a wonderful night” ,  “It’s really nice meeting you” , “Thanks again, not had this much fun in a long time”
next time date?
Who knows how the date goes?

Remember, first dates are always difficult, don’t put too much pressure on yourself and just try to relax and have fun! 

Do you have anything to add to this blog post?  Would love to hear your thoughts!


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