Use Your Noggin

What is this page for? Why did I arrive here?

We created this page, as a means to delve deeper and elaborate on some of the points mentioned in the blog posts.  Some points we made, we would say / do “X” , please don’t take it as gospel, there may be social situations at times when I am completely wrong, or need more context on whether or not to do it. 

I will list and try to keep this page updated as much as possible.  

What does “Use Your Noggins?” even mean:

According to the free Dictionary by Farlex:

To use one’s own intelligence and intellectual ability; to think logically and rationally. (“Noggin” here is slang for head or brain. Often said as an imperative.)

Similar expression as “use your head”

Example’s in real life of “Use Your Noggin”:

“I thought I was getting a good deal from the car dealer, I didn’t really use my noggin, as I was clearly overcharged”

“I said some really hurtful words, I am sorry, I didn’t use my noggin when I said those words”

“The questions he replied back with were unoriginal and bland, he clearly didn’t use his noggin”

Original Post:  First Date – FAQs: Do’s & Don’ts

Reference in passage:  

Do:   Just offer to pay (use your noggin!), it will cut out any awkwardness.    

You may encounter a few different scenarios when dating that might change this view point (in my opinion anyway):

  • You’ve ordered a regular pint and they’ve ordered an expensive cocktail
  • You’ve ordered a normal cocktail and they’ve ordered an expensive bottle of wine and a mixer
  • You’ve ordered a glass of wine and they’ve ordered a meal along with their drink

Three examples there, I would hope that social etiquette in those scenarios, you’re not expected to pay. In those scenarios I would just offer to pay your own.  It’s not about being frugal or cheap, but just handling expectations.

Original Post:  Budgeting for a Holiday | New Couples

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Opt for a romantic walk rather than taking a taxi between different destinations (use your noggin!) 

Walking the scenic route can sound romantic, but if you’re:

  • Bad with directions
  • Going through an unsafe neighbourhood
  • Generally feeling unease
  • Need to be somewhere on time

Then don’t do it!

It’s one of those things that sound nice in theory, but in reality being in an unfamiliar country or area, sometimes its just best to get home safe and sound!

Original Post:  Spring Clean Your Relationship / Mental Health: How to & Tips

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and sometimes just removing them (use your noggin!), maybe the easiest solution

Yes it maybe easier sometimes, but sadly that’s not always the ideal solution. Think carefully about the ramifications, if you do physically remove them from your relationship. Will it:

  • cause a lot trouble for you further down the line?
  • impact your mental well being?
  • seem like a good idea at first but then have bigger problems?

If you’re having difficulties and not sure, just park that idea from removing it in your life for now and move onto something else.