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At No Thrills Dating, we’re happy to support you through a range of services, please see below frequently asked questions of what we offer:

  • Media interviews
  • Brand Ambassador 
  • Product partnerships
  • Content Sponsorship (Featured articles, Guest posts, Infographics, etc)

Media interviews

If you love the content we curate, and would like our work featured on your website, please reach out to us.  Whether you’re a news journalist, Youtuber, a fellow dating blogger or feel that our work can contribute to you in a meaningful way, our email inbox is open 24/7! 

Brand Ambassador 

We’re more than happy to discuss and be your brand ambassador.  As brand ambassadors we would work on a project or retainer basis to help determine how we can support you. Typically these would be social awareness campaigns via our media channels.  

Happy to have an initial chat to understand and make sure we can fully support you and amplify the message that you would like to convey.

Product Partnership

If you have launched a new product or looking to reignite your branding across a new platform, we’re happy to support.  Only if we truly believe in the product and it fits in with our values and brand. 

Content Sponsorship

If you would like to feature your content in order for your brand to reach a different audience please get in touch.  Though the content must reflect our brand values.  For featured articles, these posts must be unique content and not have been featured elsewhere. We will thoroughly vet these posts to make sure the content is engaging and provides high value to our audience.

Media Kits – Moving Forward

To all our prospective clients, we’re currently working on a media pack to give you an overview of the value of our domain, which will be updated quarterly to show you our:

  • Number of visitors to our site
  • Unique visitors 
  • Return Visitors 
  • Time on Site
  • Persona Profiling of our target audience
  • Highlights:
    • Posts delivered
    • Most popular posts
    • Our thoughts for the last quarter and moving forward

Without further ado – our email is [email protected].

We hope you enjoy and continue to support our blog!


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