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16 Virtual First Date Ideas – That Don’t Suck

10 years ago we didn’t have the likes of Zoom, Messenger and WhatsApp. The evolution and ease of access of video calls has meant a new type of dating environment, one that is less hassle and safer.

Inevitably we have seen a surge in Virtual Dates throughout 2020 brought on by COVID-19 and lockdown, according to an interview with Sharmistha Dubey1, the Chief Executive of Match Group (Owners of Tinder, OKCupid &, “It now provides us a real opportunity to create much richer online dating experiences”.

The pandemic didn’t deter people from dating, in fact according to Match Group’s Q4 2020 report2, their average subscribers increased 12% to 10.9 million, up from 9.8 million in the prior year quarter.

Is it Weird to have a First Date as Virtual?

The short answer is no.  They can be seen as more convenient and stress free.

At time of writing (April, 2021), we’re still in lockdown.  Without putting your dating life on hold and keeping safe, virtual dating has become socially accepted.   

Don’t be shy or intimidated to embrace this new form of dating, and definitely don’t use this as an excuse as to what has been stopping you from dating in 2020.

How Long Should a Virtual Date Last?

Ideally between 1 – 2 hours.  Virtual dates though they’re from the comfort of your own home, should be treated as a real date.  Use that time to understand and connect with that person.   

If you cut the video date too short, it’s hard to gauge the connection and whether it’s worth a second shot, similarly if you have the video call too long things might drag out and any flames might just fizzle out.

16 Virtual Date Ideas:

Now you have embraced / looking for virtual date inspirations, here are 16 ideas to help you on your way:

  1. 36 questions that led to love:  A timeless research piece created over 20 years ago by Authur Aron – 26 questions broken up into 3 sets, where a couple take it in turns to ask each other a series of questions.
  2. Code Names:  Tongue tied or have awkward silences during a date?  Well with this board game it’s totally acceptable, test your words and see if your partner is on the same wavelength.
  3. Dance off with Just Dance:  Take the pressure off the date by busting out your favourite moves, and whilst you’re at it see who can rack up more points. 
  4. Dinner Date:   Set yourselves a budget and send your date a virtual dinner, bonus points to see why they picked that cuisine and use this to aid the flow of conversation.
  5. Still Life Drawing:  Bring out your inner picasso and take it in turns to draw each other.  You’ll be able to fill those awkward conversations whilst concentrating on drawing.
  6. Fitness Class:  Many fitness apps have sprung up since 2020, having someone to share the experience makes it more satisfying.  Use that as a conversation springboard into your lifestyle and habits.
  7. Google Stadia:  Launched at the end of 2019, aimed at bringing console games to the cloud network.  For those that want to connect via console game but without a mutual platform, Stadia brings with it Destiny 2 and Super bomberman, two big cult classics for absolutely free.  
  8. House Party App:  Want to play a game but not sure what?  The House Party app has a series of games that can quickly turn any awkward silences to conversation topics!
  9. Just Have a Drink:  If you’re not comfortable with technology, just grab yourself a drink and let the conversation flow with your date.
  10. Louvre Tour:  Want to visit the world’s largest art museum and a historic monument from the comfort of your own home on a date? Then this is it.
  11. Tabletopia:  Love board games?  Tabletopia is an online website that has over 1600 board games, I’m confident you’ll find something to enjoy.  Just decide before the date which ones you’ll be trying out!
  12. Take a Long Walk on a Virtual Beach:  Using Google Maps, decide on a place outside of your comfort zone and explore virtually somewhere to go and explore.   From the Maldives to Tahiti, the only thing that will be stopping you both is a good internet connection.
  13. Treasure Hunt:  Before the date, create 3 tasks for each other to do and look for.  After each task reconvene and discuss, this will surely help break the ice and make for some interesting insights into one another’s lifestyles.
  14. Quiz Up App:  Both have a list of similar interests and want to put it to the test?  Try the app Quiz Up and see who has the best knowledge.  Great to reminisce and test your knowledge on FRIENDS or How I Met Your Mother.
  15. I Have Never:  For the ultimate ice breaker, play “I have never”.  Go through a series of questions, the level of intimacy will leave to yourselves to decide! 
  16. Virtual Zoo Tour:   Zoos across the world are offering virtual tours, so if you want to be in Singapore whilst seeing sea lions, now is as good a chance as any! 

First dates are always difficult, but with virtual dates as a new experience, maybe it will alleviate the pressures because of less travelling and the social pressures brought on by meeting in real life.

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I hope you enjoyed the post, if there are any virtual date ideas you would like to share, please share it! 

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